Stockholm’s Open Fiber Network has Generated at Least 16 billion SEK in Economic Gain

Stockholm has the world’s largest and most well-known open city network for broadband communications. Over 90% of the city’s households are connected and essentially 100% of the companies. Acreo Swedish ICT has in a preliminary study now shown that the urban network has generated at least 16 billion in economic gain. 

For nearly 20 years, the City of Stockholm, via the company Stokab, invested and expanded open, competitively neutral, fiber connections for all. Model is based on the public accounts for fiber network company leasing the. This is to optimize resources, increase availability, keep prices down and reduce traffic problems. A study recently conducted by the research institute Acreo Swedish ICT, showing that investments in the city-owned fiber network generated significant economic benefits for communities, companies and individual citizens.

”The study results are very interesting for us and proof that the Stokab business model works as intended. InCopenhagen, less than 20 percent of households are connected to the network and the higher prices” says Anders Broberg, CIO at Stokab

From the report: ”The socio-economic return on Stokab investment in fibre infrastructure is estimated in this study to over 16 billion SEK, or €1.9 billion at the current exchange rate. This result is based on a few quantifiable effects alone and we expect the actual return to be considerably larger.”

Read a summary of the report here.

Read more about Stokab.

If you want to know more, join us for a breakfast seminar on August 27, 8:30 am in Drottninggatan 33. Register here (more information coming soon)

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